Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Damar again, we just got back from the Fri. eve. church service. They had a time of worship in song and then Pastor Danielle taught on the Gift of Salvation. Fortunately for us they have headsets for us that they translate the message into english for us. The past two days we have been doing several work projects. Some of us have been painting, welding, plumbing, vehicle repair, and working in the school with some projects there. Thurs. eve. we went down to the beach after working. It has been a good experience for everyone! Everyone loves the roosters, dogs, and donkeys that wake you up in the morning, haha, so far i've been tired enough they haven't bothered me but some in the group would like to make a big pot of chicken. haha! Tomorrow we are going to see how some of the local natives make rope and do some other sightseeing then we will head to the beach in the afternoon. Thanks for praying for us and we love to hear from You all! God Bless, Damar
Hey everyone, this is Brant and Brantley. Man it took a long time to get here, but I'm glad I came. God's provision for us in the U.S. is soooooooooooo taken for granted. It's taken for granted by me a lot, and I really didn't realize it. It will definitely make you think about things. I am so thankful for the things God has done in my life and is doing right now. Haiti is so much different than home, people have to get up each morning and do what they can to get their next bite to eat. There is so much trash all around, it is very dirty. People don't have good shoes or clothes, and it really makes you sad to see them. God is definitely working here in Posse ba daum. They are teaching the people first of all about Jesus, then how to grow things, how to make things and how to be clean. Wells are being drilled, and hand pumps are always something to be fixed which we've been helping with the last two days. I've welded some gates up for a man that lives down the road, and I finished them today. Nathan and I ran some new plumbing in our house, things were leaking pretty bad. Things are fixed now, so new things are in order for tomorrow. God is awesome, and is working so much through water for life, I'm so blessed to be a part of it. I think the only thing I don't like is that it is hard to talk to the Haitians because of the language barrier but in just two days, I have been able to build a couple of small relationships with the people, hopefully they will continue to grow. I thank God for all of your prayers, they are really being heard. Keep on doing it. Bye

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We made it! We left the church 12:20 am this morning. Had a smooth trip to the JFK airport in New York. We maxed our baggage limit "weight and amount" and also maxed out our carry on and personal bags but PTL we got on with everything ok! Flew to Miami, Fl. had a 1.5 hr layover then we were in the air again. Arrived in Port au Prince, Haiti. 12:20 pm Leon Miller from WFL met us there. We loaded up and headed out to Paus Bwadum a 90 mile trip that normally takes 4 hrs took us a little over six hrs. due to some traffic and road detours. We finally arrived at the WFL guest house at 8:00 pm were they had a good meal prepared for us. We got settled in and now everyone is crashing, very tired from the long trip. Thanks for your prayers! God Bless, Damar

Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to the SnL Young Adults - Haiti Trip blog! Please Pray for the team as we minister in Haiti, Feb. 25 - Mar. 6. There are going to be 8 young adults on the team; Kathy Barnum, Erin Klinger, Susan Menges, Hans Weitzel, Mike Herner, Nathan Hole, Brantley Brown, and Damar Noecker. We will be working with Water For Life in Haiti.