Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We made it! We left the church 12:20 am this morning. Had a smooth trip to the JFK airport in New York. We maxed our baggage limit "weight and amount" and also maxed out our carry on and personal bags but PTL we got on with everything ok! Flew to Miami, Fl. had a 1.5 hr layover then we were in the air again. Arrived in Port au Prince, Haiti. 12:20 pm Leon Miller from WFL met us there. We loaded up and headed out to Paus Bwadum a 90 mile trip that normally takes 4 hrs took us a little over six hrs. due to some traffic and road detours. We finally arrived at the WFL guest house at 8:00 pm were they had a good meal prepared for us. We got settled in and now everyone is crashing, very tired from the long trip. Thanks for your prayers! God Bless, Damar


  1. Glad you guys arrived safely! I will be praying for you as you start your ministry in Haiti!

  2. yes, glad to hear you all are safe n sound. too bad about all that extra driving. hope you guys get (got) good sleep the whole time there.

    tell Kathy that Paris misses her. ;-)