Wednesday, February 25, 2009


  1. look at all that luggage! r u guys stayin there for good???

  2. I think I finally figured this thinger out well enough to at least post a comment.

    I could not believe how long it took you all to travel 90 miles . . .WOW!

    Here's a poem that I read in a devotional yesterday that I thought was rather relevant to your situation there:

    "God uses us to show His love
    To people caught in life's despair;
    Our deeds of kindness open doors
    To talk of God and His care."--Sper

    I am praying that your deeds of kindness will indeed open doors for you to share His love with those you come into contact with each day and that there will be great reports of how the Lord is using you there!!

    Love and prayers,
    Mom, Mrs. Brenda, Mrs. Hole, Brenda, me

  3. Hey Brant and everyone! I hope ya'll are having so much fun and I hope a God is working wonders through your obedience to follow His call. We are praying for you dawn in South Carolina and hope things are going well.