Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey all. I hope all is well with you. Things are going well in Haiti. I just wanted to write about something that has stuck out to me on this trip. This trip for me has really been one of intersession. When I first got here I was able to interseed as we were traveling from Port au Prince to the guest house. I was able to pray for provision because there is such a desperate need and also doing spiritual warfare. There are a lot of spiritual strongholds here. There are many who are entrenched in Voodoo and superstition here in Haiti. Haiti was also dedicated to Satan so there is great need for intercession here. The first day we were here we were able to interseed for a woman who had recently become a Christian and was under a lot of persecution from her unbelieving family caught up in superstition. She even feels an evil presence and gets sick every time she goes to her family's house. The Lord allowed us to see early on the spiritual oppression that is here. We were also able to do a prayer walk yesterday that really stood out to me. Two young girls were following us and brought us to two houses to pray over. The missionary, Barb, that was with us did not even know the families. We also got a chance to pray with some fellow believers on our prayer walk. A mother of one of the people we were praying with was there. Barb told us later that she is not a Christian and was really suprised that she stayed to pray. Even though there is a language barrier I have to believe that the Lord is still working in a mighty way through our prayers.
The prayers of you all are asked for and greatly appreciated. Again there is much spiritual oppression here. Take care and God bless you all.



  1. Hello Erin and Haiti team!

    Even though you can sense the oppression there in Haiti, it's encouraging to hear how people are responding to pray! It's just like Pastor Ted's morning sermon about "Prayer that Liberates" from Mark 9: 14-27, which I commented earlier.

    Keep storming the gates of hades; they shall not prevail against the church! I, and many others I'm sure, are agreeing with you in prayer!

  2. thank you for sharing Erin - sounds like the prayer walk was the way to go - not only can you prayer for the area, the opportunity to meet and connect w/ others is cool. You just being there to intercede is a blessing...i can imagine all the spiritual battling you are doing is accomplishing much. I will pray specifically for that cloud of superstition to be lifted. rach