Monday, March 2, 2009

So far, in retrospect

Hey, this is Hans.

(sigh)...where to start? God has done so much in me personally, half of which I don't even know how to verbalize at the moment, so let's stick with an incident in the half that I can. One of the most prominent blessings I've been able to experience this week was the opportunity I had to go snorkling in the Haitian reef. I would say what I saw was breath-taking, only I needed those breaths while underwater. I saw some of the most beautiful of God's creations I have ever had the opportunity to encounter up close and they blew me away. Seated on a stranded log in the midst of the reef, staring back accross the unbelievably blue water at the vibrant, sun-baked shore, I developed a new and radical appreciation for and insight into the beauty of God and His creation. Moreso than this I was given a greater glimpse into the reality and entirity of His presence in this world and in my life. I am tiny and broken, but God is beyond massive and loves me in great big bunches. The fact that He is able to take something as broken and failure-prone, and insignificant as me and mold it into something beautiful, something He delights in and takes pride in, something He can use for his astounds me. As I said, trying to address this often leaves me straining for words, and to borrow from Thomas Aquinas I feel everything I've said thusfar concerning God is straw in comparison to who He really is. How awesome it is that I have the ability to pursue and encounter brushes with God's glory!



  1. Hello Hans and Haiti team<

    Reading your post brought tears to my eyes; I'm not sure exactly why, though. Maybe it was because I sensed your inability to express what you were experiencing about the awesome God that we serve. But, hey, if Thomas Aquinas, an extremely articulate philosopher and theologian felt his inadequacy in his description of God, you're at least in good company with that!

    You all are very blessed to be able to have wonderful experiences such as this trip to Haiti has been and continues to be!

    Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you and the team!