Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hey everyone just a quick post to let you all know the internet has been down haven't been able to post anything and when we do have it, it has been to slow to post pictures. Sorry had a whole page written yesterday and it dumped me off when I went to post it, so hopefully after lunch I can post some of the happenings. God Bless, Damar

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  1. Hello, Damar and Haiti Team,
    I guess we'll have to add the internet service there to our lists of prayer requests! *smiles* It really has been fun to check on the work there as it happens; it makes us folks back here on the home front feel like you're not really so far away after all.

    What have the ladies in the group been doing? I don't think I read specifically about their activities yet? What did they do while some of the others were snorkeling?

    What is the facility like that you are all staying in? (Besides the fact that it had some leaky plumbing.)

    I'll continue watching the blog for updates and praying for the team!!

    God Bless and Take Care,
    Mom, Mrs. Brenda, Mrs. Hole, Brenda . . .