Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey everyone, this is Susan. So it's day seven of this trip and my words cannot begin to describe the things that I've learned/experienced/seen/felt etc. in those seven days. I'm am so amazed at the way that God has been working in this group. I feel God has given us great unity amongst the eight of us and the missionaries here; it's a wonderful feeling. Anyway, there is a lot that I could describe that stuck out to me on this trip so far but I will stick to what I had the pleasure of doing today. Erin, Kathy and I were able to go out to Joy and Leon's beach house to pray with Esther, Joy and Barb. We prayed over this country, the school, the church and the church's pastor Daniel. When we were discussing what needs prayer it was pointed out that we should not focus on problems but focus on praising God. Of course we need to be aware of problems but focusing on them can just bring you down and frustrate you. God knows what the problems are so we need to hand them over and just praise God. This lesson just really struck me since it is so true. After we prayed we all shared testimony, it was great being able to share and listen to each other and offer encouragement to each other. Clearly God is really working in this trip.

Oh I just have to mention that the beach was one of the best experiences ever. I was blown away with the beauty God put there, (and rather appreciated being able to relax in the sun and cool down in the refreshing water over the weekend!!)

Many Blessings to all,


  1. Hi Susan and team,

    Thanks for being brave enough to "go public" with your thoughts and experiences . . . I hope to eventually see a comment on here by Nathan, too!

    I am so glad to hear that there is unity and a bonding that is taking place among your group and the missionaries there. Psalms 133:1 comes to mind, "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" This is just exactly what the devil doesn't like because he knows that we have a supernatural strength that helps us accomplish so much more for the kingdom when we work together in unity.

    Ah, the beach again . . . I'm beginning to feel a little bit of envy here. But seriously, it's really amazing how God chooses to bless us according to the task to which He's called us. So, because the task He has called you to is a very challenging one, He finds pleasure in blessing you all by allowing you to enjoy one of His beautiful creations! Isn't THAT just like the good God we serve! I can almost feel Him smiling with pleasure.

    I pray that you all will continue to grow in unity with one another and in your walks with the Lord! May the Lord continue to bless you for your faithful labor of love!

    Love and prayers,
    Mrs. Hole, Brenda, Mrs. Brenda, Mom

  2. unity is always under attack w/ believers...great to hear this experience is drawing you closer to Him and others. (R) thanks for sharing!